The Elm Street Journal was started in 1985 by a couple of dumb teenagers in Colusa, California, as a medium in which to spread gossip about classmates. It was made out of Xerox paper, stolen library books, and glue sticks. Copies were made using school property and littered on school grounds during lunch period.

ElmStreetJournal.com was started in 2000, again made out of Xerox paper, stolen library books, and glue sticks.

All bylines from noted celebrities are to be taken as satire and do not reflect any actual views of the person or institutions they are implied to represent.  All bylines from un-noted celebrities are totally 100% true!!

All material is copyright Elm Street Journal, Co.  All rights reserved.  Some photographs on the site may be taken from internet search sources.  If you are the owner of any copyrighted image and do not wish your image to be used, please let us know by the most strong-armed way possible.



Sean Gothman, Editor-in-Chief

Rex Spencer, Editor Emeritus